New tall grass


Behind 16 green and to the right of 12 tees we have installed no mow fescue areas.


Greetings from SeaCliff Country Club maintenance. We are currently experiencing some severe winds in our area with gusts up to 25 mph! These winds have caused a lot of debris to scatter around the course and trees to fall down.


We ask for your patience as clean up will be ongoing for the next few days.

Stephen Garritson
Assistant Superintendent

Thank You!

Hello from the Golf Course Maintenance Department! I wanted to let you, the Membership at SeaCliff Country Club know that Friday, May 2nd will be my last day at SeaCliff.

After an incredibly rewarding 8 years and 11 months here, my family and I have decided to open a new chapter in our lives in nearby Whittier. My time here at SeaCliff has been nothing but exceptional and working with our team and our Membership has been a wonderful experience over the years.

I especially would like to thank the various Green Committee Chairmen I have worked with starting with Mr. George Bardwell, Mr. Bob Lloyd, Mr. Bob Lancaster, Mr. Butch Twining, and Mrs. Pam Reed. Your insights and dedication to SeaCliff Country Club is to be commended and I wish you all the very best!

I am confident that the leadership in place both here at the Club as well as within American Golf will find an excellent candidate to become your next Golf Course Superintendent.

While I am excited eager to move into the future, I will always have a great memories of what has been accomplished at SeaCliff. I look forward to seeing more improvements at the Club over the next several years as well.

As of this posting, my SeaCliff Country Club Maintenance Blog will be transferring to the control of my current Assistant Superintendent Stephen Garritson. My Twitter account @SeaCliffCCSuper will be changing names to @FriendlyHillsCCSuper in the near future. When the Twitter name change occurs, if you are following me @SeaCliffCCSuper , you will continue to get my tweets from Friendly Hills Country Club. You are more than welcome to continue following or if you choose, you can Unfollow that account.

Again, it has been a pleasure to help keep the Membership informed about ongoing course activities through this blog. I wish SeaCliff Country Club and all of its Members and Staff nothing but the best in the future!

Michael Wolpoff

Out with the old…

As part of the tee renovation project on the fifth hole, we have redesigned the area surrounding the gold tee complex.

As you can see in the collage below, the original design had aged and dated railroad ties involved in the concept. We have removed those and installed a curb along the front edge and converted the area to turf coverage for ample access to the tee.

We hope you enjoy the new, cleaner look to the area!


We are continuing to add supplemental irrigation zones in areas that are historically troublesome. Coupled with additional agronomics practices, these site specific irrigation zones have proven to be very helpful in conjunction with our older irrigation system.

The current addition is being made along the two larger mounds that run on the right side of 5 fairway. We anticipate having this area completed in the next day or two. Thank you for your cooperation.


Shade-B Gone

This is a quick update to the tree work being conducted in the 16th green. After careful consideration we decided to remove only one of the large pine trees along with the melaleuca and trimming the remaining trees.

As you can see below, the before and after images a quite telling.



Drone-ing along…

I took our drone out for a few short flights today to take a look at the tee renovation progress. Below is a photo from each tee complex representing the current state of construction.

Eagle Golf Construction is moving along with sod installed on holes 2,7,8 and holes 4,5,6 ready for sod on Monday.

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